Thursday, June 02, 2011

Mystery Bike Lane in Fredericton

It is awesome to see so many cyclists taking advantage of the city’s infrastructure this summer. In an hour, I counted thirty cyclists wizzing down York Street’s bicycle lane. Thirty may not sound like a lot, but in a car-centred city, this is a great number for a city trying to encourage better green habits. I noticed that Montgomery Street has a bicycle lane, but it is only from Smythe to York Street. I’m guessing it has existed for a while as the lines are slightly faded. I've even heard that Goodine Street in Lincoln has one? (Correct me if I'm wrong.) I found an article from 2009 stating a future bike lane on Smythe Street, but two years have passed since then and I have not seen any advancements other than "take care for cyclists/Attention aux cyclists" sign. I wonder if there are any other unnoticed bike lanes in Freddy Beach?
The city has taken another step of being green by using water soluble latex based paint for the road markings. The only down side is that the lines wear down faster than the previous oil based paint. Luckily, bicycles and pedestrians take little effect on the trail markings and they still look fresh from last year. As you have seen from previous pictures of the trail system, the following is a picture of a bridge crossing the Brunswick/Waterloo/University intersection. I will admit, this intersection on road level is quite confusing to anyone who has never used it before. Thankfully, you ignore that as you ride above cars stuck in rush hour!

For many of us who use the many bike racks downtown,  here is an updated map featuring the parking locations. Please let me know if you would like to see other areas of the city that have such facilities!

Sorry my blogs haven't been very eventful lately, but I still have a flu and I am bed ridden until it is gone! I plan on going out tomorrow and discovering anything new that is happening that I have missed. Stay tuned! 

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