Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bicycle Segregation

     There is a city wide issue for the need of more bicycle lanes and segregation. The South Side has two excellent East/West routes and a route through the Town Plat to the North Side across the bridge. The only problem is, these routes totally ignore the downtown core. I have talked to people saying they should take away the parking on the North or South side of King Street to have a two way cycling path with a barrier from vehicle traffic. The only problem in this car-dependant city, is the outcry from motorists and shop owners about taking away parking. God forbid you have to walk an extra block.

     I do understand short term parking is limited, but there is also the option of converting a lane on Brunswick Street where there is zero parking. Seen  in Montréal (see picture left), is what I could see on Brunswick Street here in Fredericton. Brunswick Street is a two lane, one way street with the occasional turn left slip lane. Here is a basic idea what the street could look like (see picture below). Ideas like this exist in Ottawa and Montreal, which could work rather well here. The only issue I see is motorists turning left without looking for cyclists- in this case a separate traffic light for cyclists/pedestrians would be necessary. 

     Are there any areas of the city that you think need bike lanes or paths?

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