A co-op in Moncton has received a prize for its efforts to try to encourage people to bike during the cold and icy winter months.
La Bikery was set up by a group of cyclists in Moncton this fall. It won a national prize for co-ops earlier this month. With the prize came $10,000 to promote, among other things, winter biking.
"I was a cyclist living in the cities of Montreal and Ottawa where it's kind of common to bike as your main mode of transportation and so when I moved back to Moncton two years ago I decided it would be a great thing to continue to do," said Chrissy Lorette, a founder of La Bikery.
Lorette said she's not sure how much longer she'll be biking this year, but another member, Marc Xavier Leblanc, said he plans to bike all winter.
"You have in winter the hard core biking scene," said Leblanc.
He's helping teach a course at La Bikery to help people to ease into the scene.
"You know it's a little bit slippery at times you have to watch out for patches of ice, black ice," Leblanc said.
He said he treats his bike just like a car in the winter; he uses studded tires, rust proofs the frame and regularly washes salt off.