Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why Fredericton Transit Needs an Update

Many bus routes that service UNB and STU can become rather crowded. I've seen the bus pass people waiting at the bus stop because the bus was simply too full. Can you imagine running late for a test, only to have the bus pass you?
In December, Fredericton Transit invested in two new busses to replace the aging models from the 80s. While these new busses are fantastic and new, it does not address the issue of crowding on some routes. If any new investments must be made, transit should invest in an articulated bus.
Route 11 Carlisle and Prospect become crowded once it stops at Rigby Hall at the Lower STU Campus and at the STU Main Campus. This crowding actually discourages people from taking the bus from downtown to uptown and vice versa. Some even opt to take a taxi. If UNB ever decides to adopt a U-Pass, this problem will become even worse as ridership dramatically increases. This does not only exist on the routes that service the universities. Crowding happens often during peak times and frequency in the evening simply... sucks. Thankfully, warmer weather is just around the corner, therefore people will begin to walk or bike. My solution: invest in an articulate bus or increase frequency on busy routes. What do you think? Should Fredericton Transit invest for the future or continue using routes and frequencies from the 90s?

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