Friday, June 28, 2013

Sidewalk safety

     Now that the weather is getting nicer in Fredericton, I am noticing more and more cyclists on the roads.  But, I've also been noticing more and more cyclists on the sidewalks.  Riding your bicycle on the sidewalk is actually not allowed.  It can be very dangerous for pedestrians, especially on the busy streets in the downtown core.  You may even be issued a fine if caught operating your bicycle on the sidewalk.

     So bikers, please be careful and courteous out there.  Stick to the roads to ensure everyone's safety!

Here is a link to the Fredericton Police bicycle safety info sheet:


  1. everyone's safety BUT the cyclists. Roads are dangerous places with all the calling, texting, eating, cd changing and general not driving attentively.......get my drift?

  2. Now this is a load of horseshit. Screw the roads, you'll just be hit by a car