Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moncton's New Bike Lane?

We all make mistakes, and I'm not afraid to admit it. Today was a beautiful, sunny day at 23ºC and it was hard to resist not to be outside. I hop on my bike to ride down to the store to pick up a few things and back home again. All within a 30 minute journey, I got a sun burn. Learn from my mistakes, always wear sun screen! Also remember to wear certified UV protection sunglasses to protect your eyes, no matter what time of year. Here in Atlantic Canada, there is always a lot of snow and sunshine- snow blindness is NOT fun!

I would like to congratulate the City of Moncton on their new active transportation planning. They are hoping that a four lane arterial road (Salisbury Road) will be converted into a three lane motorists road and converting a section from each direction for bicycle traffic from city limits to the Wheeler Boulevard round-a-bout. Citizens are afraid of traffic headaches and an increase of accidents. With any change, there are always people who want to oppose and complain about it. The City of Fredericton is experimenting with bike lanes on some streets and found that motorists find the road feels narrower, thus forcing them to slow down. Not so good during rush hour, but definitely better for cyclists for that feeling of safety. Now, it is Moncton's turn to jump into the green life. In some cases, it is actually faster to get to work by bicycle. The new bike lane in Moncton is good news for cyclists, because they feel in danger of motorists not paying attention or not even caring. Keep in mind, it's a several thousand pound vehicle against a cyclist who is not protected by plastic and steel. Cyclists always have the same rights as vehicles.

An update in Fredericton, the Sunset Drive bicycle lane will soon be painted! I actually saw a car driving in it...

I do not live in Moncton, but correct me of any mistakes :)

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