Thursday, June 23, 2011

Parking Issues/Bikes lanes in Fredericton North

     Apparently these stinkers think it's okay to park in a bike lane? I went cycling in the North-Western section of the city to capture these bike lanes that are popping up. Douglas Avenue has been in existence since 2008, but motorists seem oblivious to the parking ban. It's rather frustrating, because cyclists are forced into traffic. Bike lanes are there for a reason, to keep cyclists out of traffic. I am tempted to do a faux-pas and give each car parked in the lane a pamphlet about parking. In consideration of privacy for these motorists, I have blurred out the license plates. In most cases, the driveways are empty, why risk getting a $72 parking ticket? I will forewarn you that my picture quality is a tad low. I am trying out a new camera lens :)

Of course, it's easy to ignore this no parking sign...

     On Brookside Drive, mysterious white lines have appeared out of thin air. I cannot guarantee that this is a bike lane, but it definitely looks like one! Have my wishes been granted? There are naked poles (not Polish people!) on the side of the road, suggesting future signs. I wish I could get some answers for you!

Brookside/Oakland Intersection

     Mysterious white lines have also appeared on Royal Road. Again, I cannot guarantee bike lanes. If these are bike lanes, it will be fantastic for cyclists from the North-Western section of the city.

Hawkins/Royal Intersection

Ring Road overpass to City Centre

Typical up-hill terrain in Fredericton

     There is one bike lane that I can guarantee for you. Sunset Drive (as I have posted before) is now a bike lane. All 2.6 kilometres of it! The section from Floral Avenue to Main Street is currently under construction, so I suggest if you are using a road/racing bike to avoid this section. Here are some pictures to prove that it does exist!

Are there any other bike lanes popping up in Fredericton? Let me know!


  1. MacLaren has the lines painted as well.

  2. You are allowed to park on one side of the street on streets where there are bike lanes on both sides of the street. Hint: It is not the side that is plastered with no parking signs ;)

  3. Sorry, you were right! It does seem odd why parking is only allowed on one side throughout the day. It would make sense to only allow parking from 8pm to 6am and Sundays.