Wednesday, June 08, 2011

STU Bike Share Program

I am applauding St. Thomas University's initiative in getting students more active and encouraging a green lifestyle. It is too bad the program only runs from May until October. It is understandable that cyclists here hang up their bikes for the winter and opt to take transit or hop a ride. It's not easy getting around when it's -20ÂșC and there are five foot snow banks! STU has purchased five bikes, helmets and locks to rent out for the season. There is a catch in order to use this program- you have to be a student, staff or member of faculty in order to use them. The bikes can be found at the J.B. O'Keefe Fitness Centre and it works similar to getting a book from a library. Present your student ID and sign out the bikes for a maximum of six hours. Surprisingly, there is a loop hole! If you sign a bike out before the fitness centre closes, you can use the bike overnight, but it must be returned at the fitness centre by 10:30am. Please note that there is an annual fee of 20$. It's not bad considering one would pay more to rent a bike from a bike shop downtown.

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