Sunday, June 05, 2011

Freddy Commuter Challenge

     Growing up, I had the mentality that when I turned 16, I would get a car. In my family, my parents always taught me that if I wanted something, I have to work for it. AKA, I was never spoiled. Every week, I'd get 5$ allowance when I did my chores and I would save up to buy an accessory for my bike- whether it be a new light, chain, decal or a hockey card clipped to my fork to make it sound like a motorbike. I grew up in a small town where biking was more feasible and I could easily get to a friend's house in five minutes. We would always brag about what we did to our bikes, try out home made bike jumps in our back yards, go out to a park, or go to the ice cream parlour. It was our way of feeling like adults.
     The day I turned 16 and got my drivers license, I was on cloud nine! I still couldn't afford a car, so I forced to use my parent's car until I saved up the money to buy my own. I gave up on this, and bought a new bike. My friends would scoff and ask where my real car was when I showed up to parties. I would just laugh and say, "but this one gets great mileage and the parking is free!" It was at the tender age of 16 that I began to realize the importance of the environment and the ever imminent climate change. At this point in my life, I made it my goal to never own a car. (So far, so good.)
     Now that I am in university and moved to Fredericton, I depend on my bike as a mode of transportation more than ever. I will admit that campus is not that easy going up, but great going down! I use my bike to get groceries, shop around town, visit friends, go to parties,  and of course just cruising around. Maybe you can challenge yourself to use green transportation, or at least only drive when necessary :)
     Sitting in a car, you often miss the sights, smells and sounds of a city. On a bike, you experience everything! Plus, you are guaranteed to meet new people and almost always get a hello from someone! Also, don't forget that tomorrow (Sunday, June 5), is the NB Community Harvest Gardens Official Opening! It is located at 780 McEvoy Street at 1pm. I won't be able to make it, but it's worth a look!

PS. check out and sign up today! Running from June 5-11. I will keep posting throughout the week and I would love to meet people during events :)

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