Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer in Fredericton

With summer fast approaching on our heels, it’s hard to find an excuse not be outside! Nothing is more pleasant than riding your bike through the old elm and maple trees that reach over your head, scratching at the sky. When you live in a city, there are areas that you never really venture in to. For example, I hardly ever go to Marysville or Barker’s Point, all because I have no reason to go there. I encourage you this summer to just go for a leisurely ride and explore areas you do not often think about.

My favourite thing to do in the summer is catch a bus to Kings Place, and cycle to the Boyce Farmer’s Market every Saturday. It is a great way to meet the locals and it encourages to buy local products. From sausages to falafels and clothes to souvenirs, you can find anything here! Another one of my favourite activities is to spend an afternoon people watching or reading a book in Officers Square or Odell Park. It’s a great way to cool off in the shade while listening to the rushing river or a babbling brook.

The walking bridge seems to be getting a lot of attention this year, and with good reason! It’s the best way to get from the Southside to the Northside when walking or cycling. It offers amazing views of the city skyline and connections to the downtown core, and Carleton Park on the Northside. Here are some typical views you can see from the walking bridge (taken last summer).

You may even see a rower or two!

So, get off your butt and enjoy this summer in the "City of Stately Elms".

Also check out the Tourism New Brunswick website!

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