Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 1

     There are not many cyclists here in Fredericton. I think it may be due to the increase of bad drivers in this city. Whether it be merging improperly, not stopping/looking or hell, just not giving a damn if you hit something. Many days, I avoid the main streets during busy hours, due to aggressive drivers who think I should be driving a hummer. I suppose this would be the right time to tell you that yes, I am an environmentalist. 
     I love this city and I enjoy living here. Many aspects of this city are green. Such as the many maple trees that line old streets downtown blowing softly in the summer breeze, the new Fredericton Convention Centre, which is completely energy efficient and of course, the many empty bicycle racks downtown. Though, I love cycling around on The Green, passing people with a smile and hello. After all, this is Canada- politest nation.
     Alas, this is my first blog (and first post) ever online, and it's been a while since I have done some informative writing. So bare with me if I make grammatical errors. I hope you like what I post and share the same interests as I do. I will do my best to take as many pictures as possible to show you how people enjoy the lifestyle here. Tomorrow I will work on uploading a map of all the bicycle rack locations in the downtown for anyone who cares to use them.

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  1. tj92,

    have you considered using OpenStreetMap to record the location of bicycle infrastructure? We have a small group of OpenStreetMap users here is Fredericton: http://groupspaces.com/FredOSM/

    I have not set a date for our next meeting but it should be soon. You can contact me through the groupspaces website.