Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cycling Tips for Fredericton

Tips When Cycling in Fredericton 

- You may see cyclists on the sidewalk, but this is actually illegal. Bike on the road and keep to the right or take control of your lane.
- When there is a segregated bicycle lane near by, use it! Nothing frustrates or irritates motorists more than a cyclist not in a proper lane.
- Always wear your helmet. Not only is there a $172.25 fine, it increases your chance of survival in case of an accident.
- When on a cycling path (i.e. The Green or Walking Bridge), use the same rules of the road and keep right, except to pass. The same rule exists for walkers and runners.
- When using the bicycle rack on a bus, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is annoying for other passengers when you take several minutes to load/unload a bike.
- Add a red flashing light to the back of your bike. While you’re at it, add a white light to the front so cars in the opposite direction can see you. I have almost hit fellow cyclists at night because I can’t see them.
- Never ever wear dark colours at night. It is hard to see black on black.
- Add a bell, so you can notify when passing so people don’t move into your lane.
- Believe it or not, it is still illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk of the Westmorland Bridge. Walk your bike across. A sidewalk is a sidewalk!
- Use hand signals when doing manoeuvres. I have passed cyclists who hit me because they did not use hand signals. It is also helpful to motorists, because cyclists can be unpredictable. Remember, be predictable to everyone!

- Use the provided parking stations if there is one near by. If not, use a tree or lamp post. Do not use a gate (unless it is stationary), parking metre or gas metres. It is also advised to not park close to fire hydrants.
- Make sure you know how to ride your bike first, before moving into traffic. A wobbly or unstable cyclist makes others nervous.
- Stay hydrated and nourished- no one likes a grumpy cyclist!
- Install fenders for your rear and front wheels. It rains... a lot, here in Fredericton. Though, July and August are usually our dry season.
- Always, always, always carry a tube repair kit and tools. With the pot holes around here, you can get a flat tire if you’re not paying attention.
- Stay at least a metre from parked cars. People do not pay attention, and swing their doors open at cyclists. I’ve been “doored” before, and it is not pleasant!
- Do not stop beside a car at a red light, unless you have your own lane. If the driver decides to turn right or left, you could be squished! Stop behind the car, so you’re not in their blind spot.
- “Filtering” is illegal in New Brunswick. Weaving in between cars during grid lock is illegal and asking to be hit.
- Make eye contact with motorists to make sure they see you.
- Study maps to make sure you know where you’re going. An uncertain cyclist is nervous and unpredictable.
- Fredericton has 85km of trails, the majority being paved and segregated! Take time this summer to explore the trail system and enjoy close encounters with nature :)

Sorry I do not have any pictures of my bicycle tonight! I am finally getting my tension adjusted and other minor tuning up. 

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  1. Bravo for these tips! My, who would have thought that penalties in bicycling can be costly too just like those car traffic fines!