Thursday, May 12, 2011

Flooding in Fredericton and Bicycle Parking

Not much change in the weather here, other than a horrible headwind that almost knocks you over. Whoever lives in a valley can understand the wind channels through and gusts almost to 50km/h. Along with the rain, comes flooding. Much of the multi-use infrastructure along the river is under water during this time of year and occasionally in autumn. With the recent upgrades such as asphalt and rocks on the multi-use paths, this has stopped the erosion that comes with the St. John River's powerful currents. Here are some photos of what happens behind the Beaverbrook Art Gallery all the way to the Westmorland Street Bridge.

(I have no idea why the city laid sod in autumn. Most of it has floated out to sea by now.) 

The flooding usually only lasts for two weeks once the freshet has flowed through the river system, thus forcing cyclists onto the street. Luckily when the water recedes, the path is still there. I do not dare venture into the water, as it is usually two to even five feet deep in places. (I find this odd, but the flooding often brings many tourists to the river front. Ya know, it is only 8 metres of water...) 

As for the bicycle parking facilities, I thought I would share a picture in the new parking garage on King Street. Walking or driving by, you would never know it's there- but it is. The key thing I like, is that it keeps your bicycle away from the elements, so your bicycle will stay dry and keep from rusting. Not to mention there is security and cameras! If only work was closer, I would park here. I just hope this is year-round parking, as the city takes away many of the facilities before the first snowfall. 


  1. In my town here I am really surprised they don't give more thought to cycle park up as we probably have a higher percentage of cyclists than most towns because of it being one of the flattest counties in the country.

    On a first time visit to a different supermarket this week I found nowhere allocated to a cycle park up, and had to end up chaining my tricycle to the area they parked their shopping trolleys.

    Would love to see some undercover cycle ports here too.

  2. Sadly, this is the only place in the city that I have found under cover parking. Unless there are others that I just haven't found yet.

    I'm not sure about where you live, but if you talk to a store manager about a bicycle rack, they will have one put out in a week or two. It's truly the only way they can know if there is demand for it or not.