Monday, May 16, 2011

Shopping Local in Fredericton

Tonight is a simple blog, about shopping local. It helps keep money in the community and fights big box store chains like Wal Mart. I will let my favourite local book store do the talking. Please check out their website!

To stay on the topic of buying local, here is a list of my favourite stores and restaurants in Fredericton:
1. The Radical Edge (Bike shop on Westmorland Street)
4. Victory Meat Market
6. Pita Pit (yes it is a chain, but it plays a role in the local community)
8. Snooty Fox Pub
9. Cultures Boutique
12. Luna Pizza (Best pizza in town!)
13. Room 2 Remember
14. Last but not least, Harvey Studios, for my photographic needs.

Sorry I did not upload any pictures of my bicycle and accessories, but my camera is on the fritz. All I need to do is fix my lens, and it will be good to go! Thanks for staying patient! :)

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