Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bicycle Parking in Downtown Fredericton

Today was a rainy and windy day here in Fredericton, but surprisingly a lot of cyclists decided to brave the weather. Living in Atlantic Canada, you grow custom to strange weather and temperature extremes all in one day. One minute it is pleasantly warm and sunny, then the next it's 4ÂșC and pouring rain. If you are a person like me that cycles on different terrain, you most definitely do not want a road or racing bike. In this city, there are paved cycling paths, but all eventually turn into rough gravel. Though, you can venture onto the streets and risk getting a flat on your thin road bicycle tire in the pot holes. I for one, depend on my mountain bike, since it does have to endure rough terrain. It is also great for when it's snowing or raining when there is little traction. In the end, it does wear down the studs on my tires. Better than replacing a tube for 30$ every other day.

I have noticed lately, now that the "warm" weather has arrived, motorists are becoming more considerate of cyclists! I actually had a full lane to myself on Queen Street. I hope to see more cyclists when the temperatures start to climb and tourists start to arrive. After all, this is Fredericton- Canada's Green City. Fredericton is a beautiful city in the summer and I really hope people take advantage of being outside instead of being cooped up watching tv or... blogging all day.

Gee, I'm jumping all over the place today. There is a rumour floating around about the city building a bicycle lane on Brookside Drive. This street is very busy, and not the safest for cyclists. Not to mention steep inclines at times. With the booming housing development in Heron Heights and other subdivisions in the area, there is an increasing number of people driving cars and people cycling down to the park and ride at Brookside Mall to catch a "Freddy Fast Bus" to downtown. Building a cycle lane on this street would ease the anxiety of cyclists who fear of getting hit.

I, being true to my word made a map of all the bicycle parking stations in the downtown that I found. I feel like I'm blogging to a ghost audience right now, but if any of you know where there are bicycle parking stations downtown, please comment and let me know where and I will update the map.

Again, this is my first time blogging, so give me some slack! :)

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