Thursday, August 11, 2011

Speed Limits

     I suppose it's the mentality of some cyclists, that the law doesn't apply to them. That gives us a bad rep! Did you know that there are speed limits on the Downtown Core trails? It is rather frustrating to maintain such a slow speed, but it's necessary due to higher traffic and more risk of hitting someone.

(I'm trying my best!)

     I also took a few pictures of some bike racks, too bad they're not getting more use out of them! Then again, this isn't Amsterdam... Have you ever tried cycling to work?

(I spotted a bike rack beside the art gallery!)

     I've also updated the bicycle parking map, it's pretty handy! Let me know if I've missed any spots, and I will add it to the map as soon as possible!

*Pictures taken on my phone, sorry for the low resolution :)

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