Thursday, August 04, 2011

Bike Lane Campaign

Bike Lanes
Bike lanes can be found on one side or both sides of the following streets:

  • Brookside Drive from Main Street to Douglas Avenue
  • Brown Boulevard to Cliffe Street
  • Crocket Street from Canada Street to Brown Boulevard
  • Douglas Avenue from Maple to Brookside Drive
  • Forest Hill Road from Beaverbrook Street to Kimble Drive
  • Goodine Street from Vanier Industrial Drive to Harland Court
  • Hanwell Road from Woodstock Road to Waggoners Lane
  • Irvine Street from Nobel to Gibson streets
  • Kimble Drive from Knowledge Park Drive to Wilsey Road
  • McEvoy Street from Noble Street to MacLaren Avenue
  • MacLaren Avenue from Cliffe to Gibson streets
  • Montgomery Street from York to Smythe streets
  • Noble Street from MacEvoy to Irvine streets
  • Priestman Street from York Street to College Hill Road
  • Royal Road from Sunset Drive to the Royal Road School
  • Rookwood Avenue from Waggoners Lane to Woodstock Road
  • Sunset Drive from Main Street to Clements Drive (Route 105)
  • York Street from Priestman Street to Aberdeen Street

Bike Routes
Bike routes can be found along sections of the following streets:
  • Barton Crescent
  • Bishop Drive
  • Bridge Street
  • Canterbury Drive
  • Church Street
  • Forest Acres Court
  • Fulton Avenue
  • Hanwell Road
  • Kings College Road
  • MacKnight Street
  • Maple Street 
  • Montgomery Street
  • Regent Street
  • Reynolds Street
  • Smythe Street
A PDF and printable map is viewable here.

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