Monday, August 01, 2011

New Brunswick Day

     Ah, it is nice to finally have a holiday where you can have an entire day to yourself. I spent the afternoon having a picnic on The Green watching people do their thing. Whether it be going for a holiday stroll, cycling or pushing their kids in strollers. Then there's the sensation of the lush grass tickling your toes and the quiet rush of the river a few metres away. It seems everyone was out enjoy this beautiful summer day!

     There has been some debate between the cyclists, joggers and the casual strollers on whether to pave the trail that winds its way through The Green. I guess they came up with a compromise to pave up to the Carleton Street Pedway. Even if it is just a short distance from the Light House to the pedway, it's better than getting a punctured tire to massive rocks! Hopefully this encourages cyclists to use the pedway instead of running across a four lane highway.

     There are some rare things to see in Fredericton, like a deer running through the Provincial Legislature. Even more rare, is to see a bike rack full of bikes! It is always so heart warming to see so many people taking an alternative to visit a park, or just downtown in general. 

     What better day than to chose a provincial holiday to protest shale gas drilling (hydro fracking) in our lovely province. Literally thousands of people showed up to protest and it was such an awesome sight to see so many people that do not want this controversial drilling method in our province. I totally forgot this protest was happening, until I was cycling by on Queen Street that I saw people swamped the legislature lawn. Honestly, I would have picked a better day, since none of the politicians were in office... Please check out the New Brunswickers Concerned About Shale Gas facebook page, and make sure to like it!

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