Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fredericton Bixi Bikes?

     Fredericton’s downtown is not known for the immense amount of cyclists. Well, on the streets that is... Every Frederictonian knows the problem of sidewalk cyclists. Why is it such a problem? Could the by-law officers do a better job? It doesn’t help that we’re also lacking infrastructure downtown. The only routes remotely close are The Green and Church Street. With the lack of cyclists on streets, could this be increased by a bike share program like Bixi? In order for this system to work, Fredericton must first invest in infrastructure on downtown streets.
     Currently, there are four cities in Canada that have a Bixi Bike Program: Montréal, Toronto, Ottawa/Gatineau and London. Could Fredericton benefit from this program? I think yes! Even though our population is off by a couple million compared to Canada’s major urban centres, it has the potential to be successful. Could we convince citizens, tourists or businessmen/women to rent out a bike instead of renting an expensive SUV? A program like this would be great for people who: cannot afford to buy a bicycle, use one a few times a year or are commuters. Do you think it's feasible? Watch an instructional video below on how the system works.

   We all know about the problem of hills in our fair city. Yes, they look fantastic anaesthetically, but they are a nightmare to any cyclist- except downhill! That's why I think to anyone using a Bixi Bike should have free access to transit. So instead of cycling up York Street and getting all hot and sweaty for a meeting or work; rent a bike from downtown, hop on a bus and bike to your destination uptown! 
     It is such a great possibility, and it would only upset the motorists who have never sat their backsides on a bicycle their entire life. What do you think?

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