Saturday, August 20, 2011

Debris in Fredericton Bike Lanes

     I can handle the odd stick or puddle in the bike lanes, but it's a tad obstructive when there is lots of debris, pot holes, drain covers, rocks... or even fruit? I do have to admit that bike lanes are in far better condition then they were last year. Maybe it is due to the increased usage, keeping the clutter down. As always, there is always room for improvement. For instance, the street sweepers could go through the bike lanes once a month to help keep debris out of the bicycle lanes. York Street is the oldest bike lane in the city (2008), and it has been beaten up the last three years. It is likely the most heavily used bike lane in the entire city, so it is definitely important to keep it clear.

Rough section in front of the train station

A brave soul who dares to bike uphill for 2km

     I also have to ask, why do all of the bike lanes end before a major intersection? I understand the ideology is to force bicycle traffic to merge into to car traffic, but what happens during grid lock? Many bicycles take to the sidewalks or squeeze dangerously through cars. I think Fredericton should look into how Moncton deals with their bike lanes. I vote for a bicycle thru-fare! 

     This time it's me blocking the bike lane! I thought I would show off my 'new' bike in a typical bike lane on the North Side. 

     This is a rare occurrence, but there was apples all over this bike lane on Royal Road! Many have already been brushed to the side, but it can be dangerous to run over a round object with 1 1/4" tires. 

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