Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Does a Diamond Mean Again?

     I guess I haven't made myself clear, or maybe I just do not have a big enough voice. Diamond = no parky parky. I am really hoping with the new Brookside Drive bike lane, that parking is not always going to be an issue. In fact, for all the new bike lanes in the city. I was cycling by the funeral home on the corner of Brookside and Douglas, and you guessed it- a funeral was going on. Now, I am not trying to upset the funeral attendees, but when there is a designated bike lane, you are not allowed to park in it. The bike lanes are official, and I have already covered that. So, shouldn't the by-laws be official too? I realize there are "no parking" signs set up yet, but they should be enforced. Would you park in a designated bus lane? Sadly, there is nothing I can do about it. I apologize in advance for the low resolution pictures, brought to you by my CrackBerry.

     If you haven't noticed, Brookside Drive is rather narrow in places, and it just got even narrower with the bike lanes AND with cars parked in it. For some reason, motorists feel the need to squeeze by you. Motorists, please exercise caution. It is not worth the risk of someone's life, just so you can get to your destination thirty seconds earlier. Can't we be friends on the road?  :)


  1. I was concerned our city would turn into this:

  2. Yes, I am too. I am doing everything within my power to end this problem! Stay tuned :)