Monday, July 25, 2011

Fredericton Bicycle Signage Confusion

     Apparently there is some confusion about the types of bicycle lanes in Fredericton. To be honest, I did not know the difference until a few weeks ago. With the increase of motorists and cyclists alike, disputes seem to be growing. It can range from, "You can't park there, it's a bike lane!" or even physical assault. Hopefully this article gives you some clarity on some of the rules of bike lanes. In a recent article from the Daily Gleaner, they state the types of bicycle lanes, but it does not help without visual representation. There are three types of bicycle lanes currently in use in Fredericton:

1. The green sign with a picture of a bicycle and “ROUTE” printed below the bicycle is the most confusing sign. It can be placed on roads with or without painted white lines. On the road, a solid white line and a bicycle are painted, but no diamond. This means that cars can park in this lane, unless otherwise posted by a no parking sign. Where the bicycle lane is painted on the road, it defeats the purpose of a bike lane if motorists are allowed to park in it...

2. This next sign is rather simple to understand. It features a black box with a white diamond in the top left corner. In the top right corner, there is a picture of a black bicycle. In the bottom left (or right) is an arrow pointing to where the lane is. To summarize, this sign means that this lane is a designated bicycle lane and cars are not permitted to drive or park in it.

3. The next sign is a yellow diamond (Square? Shreddie?) shape, warning motorists to look out and give enough room for cyclists. The sign is usually accompanied by a "SHARE THE ROAD | PARTAGER LA ROUTE" rectangular sign below. On roads that this sign is posted, the far right lane in each direction is generally wider so motorists can give cyclists a wide berth. 

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