Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fredericton Faults

     There hasn't been a major earth quake in Fredericton in over twenty-five years, and I suppose the next one will take out the Princess Margaret Bridge. According to Google Maps, it doesn't exist anymore. I'm not here to talk about fault lines or what causes our earth to rumble. (Sorry, I had chili for lunch.) Currently, there are a few ridiculous by-laws for some of the bicycle lanes here in Fredericton. On Douglas Avenue for instance, you are allowed to park in the West-bound lane, where as it is forbidden on the South-bound lane. This law is in effect 24/7 and absolutely does not make the slightest bit of sense. I do admit I was wrong about some of the parking issues, but this by-law would make sense if it was a ban from 7am to 8pm, not 24/7. A bike lane is there to help separate a bicycle from vehicle traffic, not force the cyclist to merge into traffic every 500 metres.

     On York Street, parking is banned on both sides of the street except for the North-bound lane on Sundays. At least this by-law is more reasonable, but it will shock a cyclist not paying attention going 50km/h and finding themselves flying through the back window of a car. Either a car, or a drain will send you flying. You can see in the bottom centre of the image there is a storm drain. The sun is high in the sky, so it hard to tell just how much of a dip there is, but I measured it, and it's anywhere from 2-3 inches! That's a lot if you're on a road bike. I understand it's for drainage reasons, so I advise to go to the left it- but that's common sense.

     The past few days, we've been lucky to have sunny, gorgeous weather! I couldn't resist to go out and have a picnic on The Green and people watch. There was the usual casual strollers, people on their way to or from work, and a dad teaching his daughter how to ride a bike- which is always nice to see. I took this next picture early afternoon during the heat of the day, so there are not too many people around. Just a few people like me enjoying the shade.

     I finally got around to cycling around Devon to check out the MacLaren Avenue 'bike lane'. I am a bit baffled why there is a bike lane only 500 metres from the paved, segregated path. Maybe it's for the children going to school or to encourage density, especially since the new construction of Hillcrest Subdivision. (I think that's the name?) Whatever the reasoning, the addition of more bike lanes will encourage more and more people to chose alternatives.

     I hope everyone gets a chance to get out of the house tonight. Please feel free to send me pictures of your adventures or issues that you stumble upon.

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