Monday, July 25, 2011

Moncton Bike Lanes | Update

     I have received a few emails asking if I knew anything about the bicycle lanes in Moncton. I haven't been to Moncton in a while, so I cannot speak on personal accounts. I have done my best by gathering information from Moncton's Active Transportation website and talking to a few friends. Moncton has published a map, but keep in mind it hasn't been updated with Shediac and Salisbury Road bike lanes. There is still an ongoing debate about the new bike lanes on Shediac and Salisbury, but they're here to stay. It would be a cruel experiment if they were temporary! In the future, several city streets will be added to the bike lane map, but for now I am applauding Moncton for the expanse of their system and increasing the safety of cyclists.

View Moncton Bike Lanes in a larger map

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