Friday, December 16, 2011

Fredericton's Problem Intersections

     Some of the major problems concerning cyclists and pedestrians in Fredericton, is the lack of common sense, failure to yield or even courtesy. Granted, issues are at fault of some cyclists and pedestrians. Who walks at night dressed entirely in black or cycles without lights? Whatever happened to looking both ways before you cross the road? In the map below, I have noted some problem intersections, mostly from personal experience, but also stories from others where they have experienced conflicts. Feel free to explore the map and click the bicycle icons, where I explain my reasoning.

     You know your society is becoming car-centric when it starts installing signs such as the "Pedestrian Accident Area" posted to the left. Why build a society around cars, when you can build one around pedestrians, bicycles and even public transportation?! Incidents between cars, bicycles and pedestrians can be dramatically reduced by implementing traffic calming measures such as pedestrian islands, flashing lights. Even setting speed limits to 30km/h in residential neighbourhoods can be life savers! No, not the delicious candy, that thing that keeps you from knocking at the golden gates... or well, you know.

Flashing yellow lights installed in the ground attract the drivers
attention where it belongs.
Pedestrian island help pedestrians to concentrate on one
direction at a time while crossing.

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