Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cycling at Night

     A few months ago, you may recall two different accidents where a vehicle hit a cyclist. The first one occurred on Waggoners Lane, and the other on Brookside Drive. From what I recall, both cyclists had lights and both drivers were not paying attention. I, myself, have had many close encounters at night, all of which include drivers speeding up behind me, honking, swearing at me, then speeding off. Ahh, the ideal date night.
     The majority of bicycle-car related accidents are due to the drivers not paying attention, the cyclist riding erratically, or visibility of the cyclist. I have encountered cyclists riding at night with no lights, reflective jacket or even reflectors. In order to legally ride a bicycle (yes, legally), you need reflectors. Why don't those kinds of cyclists get hit? Yes, Fredericton cyclists need to smarten up, but drivers also need to open their eyes a little, especially at dusk! Check out this cool video:

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