Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bike Lane Fail

     This "bike lane" on the bottom of Brookside sets the world record for the "World's Narrowest Bike Lane". I assume that they will be widening the shoulder of the road eventually, but for now it remains as a fail.

     I also wanted to let everyone know that the Valley Trail is now paved and marked. This is such a beautiful trail and it is well worth spending the afternoon to explore it.


  1. LOL I drive up Brookside every day and the first time I saw that sign and that shoulder, I thought ok, it must be a "heads up" that further up the road there's a bike path as it widens up the road. It looks completely ridiculous as it is now.

    When you say the Valley trail, do you mean out to Keswick Valley?

  2. Unless you're a very skilled cyclist, it's hard to keep your tires within 3 inches of space!

    The Valley Trail is actually on the South Side. It starts behind the Smythe Street Superstore and eventually fades away after the Hartt Island RV resort.